Ultimate add-on services can help to boost enhance improve your business

Improve your website performance with our ultimate add-on services.

Ultimate Add-ons

Exclusive to our clients only.

Live Chat

From £15 (per month)

Improve your customer service and leave better impression on your customers and visitors by responding faster real-time.

Online Appointment Booking

From £10 (per month)

Automate appointment scheduling on your website and let your customers book appointments online, 24/7.

Extra Email Account

From £3 each (per month)

If you need more email addresses for your business, just let us know. We’ll sort this out for you.

Additional Page

From £3 (per month)

If you need an extra page for your website, we have got you covered. Our plans are flexible to suit your business.

Choose ultimate add-on services after choosing your monthly website plan.

Common questions

These are the questions that new customers ask us frequently.
Webwiso offers various ultimate add-ons that are optional, simple, and affordable. Our registered customers can avail these services to enhance the functionality of their website according to their business requirements.
Ultimate add-ons can be bought when you first sign up. You can also add them later to your website whenever you need them. Just let us know and we will do the rest.

Ultimate add-ons are billed separately and not included in your monthly website subscription. These services are charged on monthly basis and at the start of your billing cycle.

Similar to your website subscription, Ultimate add-ons charges will be processed via direct debit. However, you can active/deactivate ultimate add-ons at any time.
Once you inform us of your intention to deactivate any add-on, we will deactivate the add-on with immediate effect and you will not be charged for the add-on in the next billing cycle.
Ultimate add-on charges are not refundable. If you have deactivated an add-on in the middle of your billing cycle, the amount we charged for the add-on at the start of the billing cycle will not be refunded.
Webwiso offers these services to our pay monthly customers only.
Let us know what are your needs. Webwiso cannot guarantee 100% but we will do whatever we can to fulfil your requirements.
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